30 Years of Bliss

We have photographed many vow renewals over the years and there’s something extremely beautiful about saying “I Do” again. Love is indeed a journey that should endure all elements that surrounds it, unseen and unknown in most cases. Many couples embrace these elements to ensure an accomplished marriage, which like fine wine, only gets better with time (or so we’ve been told).



We had the pleasure of capturing such a lovely moment with an awesome couple who decided to renew their vows after 30 years into their wedding journey. 30 years makes one think where do such rear gems of marriages come from; what makes it work, how do they endure? We can say that just listening to them exchange vows gave us all the answers. There was no definite solution or any fairy tale story just two people in love who made a commitment and promise to each other for better or for worse. This is indeed the reality of a true fairy tale in today’s world with so much fragile love.

Their renewal was simple, beautiful and heartfelt. What made this day even more extraordinary was that this enchanting couple were witnessed by their 4 children; 3 girls and a boy who were all born out of this 30 year love. WOW was the first thing we thought as they told us about their life and their children. Like teen siblings we really appreciated the playfulness, rivalry and love they had for each other. From the random family laughs, to who’s the favorite child and even an awesome family DAB. They are definitely a blessed and warmhearted family full of fun, adventure and love. We were truly touched by them and just want to wish them another 30 years of love and more as their beautiful journey continues..

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