The Waterfall Escape


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Planning a wedding in St Lucia lends itself to many diverse elements which can set just the right mood you’ve always been dreaming of when it comes to your special day. A beautiful white sand beach with a classic bamboo draped arched; a lush tropical garden with freshly picked petals spread along the isle or even a simple elegant pedestal wrapped with flowers with a majestic Piton backdrop are just some of the options to influence your day. Well, one couple did opt for the latter as they got married at the beautiful La Haut Resort which proudly boasts this extravagant Piton view.

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Surrounded by friends and family they couldn’t be happier to share this moment as they committed their love to each other. The wedding was beautiful, simple and fun right through. After the final “I do’s” and the traditional kiss to seal the moment everyone lined up to wish the couple a momentous journey.  With cheers, celebrations and confetti in the air they walked away as one to face everything together and forever.


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Now with all the congratulations out of the way we had everyone gathered for group pictures then spent some one on one time with the couple as they engaged in their own playful and romantic moments. The twist however to this story was that besides this beautiful Piton backdrop which we could photograph all day long they decided to escape to the enchanting Toraille waterfall about 15 minutes away from La Haut.  They wanted a private and romantic escape alone with each other, well accompanied by photographer and videographer off course 😊, where they can express themselves in this beautiful cozy escape. We can say that the moment was unbelievable to them for just moments ago they embraced the majesty of the Pitons and now in the shallow hills of a tropical waterfall. Simply Amazing.


As we said good bye to the Toraille waterfalls what better way to finish off this adventurous session than seeing them off on the Soufriere docks as they sailed into the horizon on what no doubt will be a festive boat ride back to their reception.

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