Roof Top Sunset

Sunday afternoons are just ideal to grab a lovely afternoon nap after a long week of work. Where many may just be settling into a cozy couch or bed after that grand Sunday feast, we had the delight of settling for a beautiful late afternoon wedding. We arrived at the charming Cap Maison Resort an hour before the actual wedding ceremony as our couple wanted to start off with an elegant first look session proceeded by an enchanting garden walk on this beautiful property.

Their first look was short and sweet with lots of anticipation, excitement and tears of joy. Even though they shared a villa together, this beautiful bride still wanted to treat her husband-to-be to a small bridal surprise. As he stood waiting anxiously, she unveiled her gorgeous dress to him. After the thrill of emotions, we strolled through the garden for a delightful photo session.

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As we moved closer to the start of the ceremony, we made our way to the terrace top of the villa where we were greeted with a breath-taking view of Pigeon Island glazed with a radiant sun minutes before it said farewell to a splendid day. The ceremony was simple, romantic and very touching. They smiled hopelessly as they stood facing each other, still taking in this marvelous moment on their private terrace. As they exchanged their vows we even got captured by the heartfelt words as two beautiful souls commit their love in the most perfect place.

This Sunday rooftop terrace wedding simply stated, was lovely in all aspects. It was exactly where they wanted to be and what they wanted to share with each other. A romantic moment of love and emotions beneath a colorful sunset that slowly greeted them goodbye as it slipped silently into the mountains.

To our wonderful couple we wish you two an amazing journey of love. 


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